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In an article in the Ellsworth County Independent Reporter on September 10, 2020, treasurer Dru Richard reported the progress of the Insurance Building's Heritage Trust Fund grant, and the commission of a contractor to begin the work on the inside of the building.

National Drovers Hall of Fame Awarded Heritage Trust Fund Grant

 On May 5, 2019, The National Drovers Hall of Fame was awarded a Heritage Trust Fund (HTF) Grant from the Kansas Historical Society (KSHS). The grant dollars will be allocated to the first phase of the restoration of the interior of the Ellsworth Insurance Building, located at 115 North Douglas Ave, downtown Ellsworth.  

With guidelines and processes determined by the Heritage Trust Fund Grant, the Drovers Board has been busy since May meeting grant requirements and drafting documents for approval by the HTF.  On September 30, Eric Johnson with Campbell and Johnson of Concordia was hired as the architect, to oversee the project.  Mr Johnson's qualifications and passion for history made him a perfect candidate.

Mr. Johnson's plans have been submitted and approved.  The first phase will include demolition of the existing first floor and supports, which is presently at ground level and unusable.  The new construction will consist of tuck and point of existing stone wall up to the new first floor level. There will also be new concrete footing to support the new first floor. A new concrete floor will be poured, covering the entire basement.   As per the terms of the grant, the first phase of the project is to be completed by December 31, 2020.

It is the goal of the National Drovers Hall of Fame to complete this phase prior to November 1, 2020, with intent to apply for a second Heritage Trust Fund grant for the next phase to be completed by December 31, 2022.   

Interns from the Chapman Center join the Drovers Project

National Drovers Hall of Fame in Ellsworth is currently a wall display in a shop featuring the history of the cattle trailing industry from colonial time to present day. Planning will help the National Drovers Hall of Fame reach its goal of becoming an economic driver for Ellsworth while preserving an important chapter in Kansas and U.S. history.

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